The Christmas Caper
a comedy in two acts
by Drew Davis

A group of runaway orphans whose current hiding place is an abandoned tenement apartment. The gender, race, and age of these characters have been purposely left nonspecific.

BOBBIE - Older than the rest, the leader of the group.  BOBBIE’s care and compassion for the kids are the strength by which they live.

T J - TYRONE JOSIAH if cast male, THELMA JOSEPHINE if cast female.  A smart aleck who uses a tough exterior to mask uncertainty.

CHRIS - Not so bright.  CHRIS’s main problem with running away is the absence of ready meals

CASEY - The youngest and the least corrupted, whose innocence and belief in goodness are the heart of the group

JERRY  - Second only to BOBBIE, a fact which JERRY finds difficult to live with.

LOU - A lively and happy child who idolizes cousin JERRY, serving as a little echo.

Can be played by older teens if necessary.

DONNA WRIGHT - Undercover detective who takes great pride in her work, and, when given enough information, understands a great deal.

MYRA GROMMETT - Matron of the Children’s Home from which the kids escaped.  A vindictive, money-hungry harpie with a justifiably guilty conscience.

ROB FILCHER - A sly, manipulative burglar whose masquerade as Santa dupes JERRY and LOU.

SANTA CLAUS - The classic jolly old elf.